P.E.O. District of Columbia Chapter

Calendar of Events

Welcome, Sisters!

Read on for information about P.E.O. events across the D.C. Chapter. We invite you to share your P.E.O. events for review and posting, too!

P.E.O. in the District of Columbia

The District of Columbia Chapter is unique across P.E.O. International states, provinces, and districts (s/p/d’s). We may live and/or work in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia. Sisters from our 16 local chapters have the ability to gather together for D.C.-wide events more easily than those in large states (beltway traffic and downtown parking notwithstanding!). Where other s/p/d’s form regional Reciprocity Groups to gather and coordinate, we have our Presidents’ Roundtable. Our national capital region boasts a wealth of museums, monuments, cultural centers, theatres, parks, restaurants, government institutions, colleges and universities… and a diverse array of amazing, talented women!  Let us appreciate the uniqueness of D.C. and its charms by gathering together and promoting the growth and vitality of our Sisterhood!